EMC VNX 5700

EMC VNX 5700

The EMC VNX 5700 is a high-performing unified storage system with unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency, optimized for virtual applications. With the VNX5700, you’ll achieve new levels of performance, protection, compliance, and ease of management.

The VNX Operating Environment system software delivers high-performance capacity optimization. EMC Unisphere is an extensible, unified management platform with an intuitive user interface for managing storage on VNXe, VNX, CLARiiON, Celerra, and EMC RecoverPoint SE systems.

  • Unified: Leverage a single platform for all file and block data services. Centralized management makes administration simple. Data efficiency services reduce your capacity requirements up to 50 percent.
  • Optimized: Optimize for virtual applications with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V integration. You’ll triple the speed of virtualized SQL and Oracle workloads and boot up to 1,000 virtual desktops in fewer than 8 minutes.
  • High Performance: Take advantage of Flash-optimized performance from an all Flash array by using Flash drives for extendable cache and in the virtual storage pool. High-bandwidth configurations are ideal for data warehousing.


Technical Specifications:

Solution For Consolidation
Product Series VNX
Product Type Storage System
Solution Size (Users) 500 to 1,000 users
More than 1,000 users
Max Raw Capacity 1485.0   TB
Protocol FC
Storage Type Unified
Capacity Optimization File-Level Deduplication and Compression
Thin Provisioning
Block Compression
Performance  FAST VP
FAST Cache
Management EMC Unisphere
Virtualization Support VMware Vsphere
VMware View
Microsoft Hyper-V
Citrix XenDesktop
Drive Type Flash
Array Enclosure 2U Storage Processor Enclosure (no drives)
Drive Enclosure 2.5″ SAS, Flash (2U), 25 Drives, 6 Gb/s SAS Controller Interface
3.5″ SAS, NL-SAS, Flash (3U), 15 Drives, 6 Gb/s SAS Controller Interface
3.5″ SAS, Flash (4U), 60 Drives, 6 Gb/s SAS Controller Interface
Max SAN Hosts 4096
Min/Max Drives 4/500
CPU/Memory per SP Intel Xeon Dual Core 5600/36 GB
RAID 0/1/10/3/5/6
Controller Interface 1 or 2
Max Block UltraFlex I/O Modules per Array 10
Max Total Ports per Array 24
2/4/8 Gb/s FC Max Ports per Array 24
1 GBASE-T iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array 16
10 GbE iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array 12
Max FCoE Ports Per Array 12
Control Stations 1 or 2
Max Supported LUNs 4096
Max LUN Size 16 TB (Virtual Pool LUN)
Max File System Size 16 TB
Number of File X-Blades 2, 3, or 4
CPU/Memory per X-Blade Intel Xeon Dual Core 5600/12 GB
Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows
Red Hat
Citrix XenServer
UltraFlex I/O Expansion Modules for Block 4-Port 1GBASE-T (copper) iSCSI
2-Port 10 GbE (optical) iSCSI
2-Port 10GBASE-T (copper) iSCSI
2-Port FCoE
4-Port 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel
2-Port 10 GbE (Twinax) iSCSI
UltraFlex I/O Expansion Modules for File 4-Port 1GBASE-T
2-Port 1GBASE-T and 2-Port (optical)
2-Port (optical) 10 GbE
2-Port (copper) 10GBASE-T
2-Port 10 GbE Twinax
Product VNX Products

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A robust platform for consolidation of legacy block storage, file servers, and direct-attached application storage, the VNX series enables organizations to dynamically grow, share, and cost-effectively manage multi-protocol file systems and multi-protocol block storage access. The VNX operating environment enables Microsoft Windows ® and Linux/UNIX clients to share files in multi-protocol (NFS and CIFS) environments. At the same time, it supports iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and FCoE access for high-bandwidth and latency-sensitive block applications. The combination of EMC Atmos ™ Virtual Edition software and VNX storage supports object- based storage and enables customers to manage web applications from EMC Unisphere. The VNX series next-generation storage platform is powered by the Intel Quad Core Xeon 5600 series with a 6-Gb/s SAS drive back-end and delivers demonstrable performance improvements over the previous generation mid-tier storage:

  • Run Microsoft SQL and Oracle 300 percent faster
  • Enable 2X system performance in less than two minutes—non-disruptively
  • Run data warehouses 300 percent fast



One unified platform for all applications – file, block, and object data services. Gain up to 50% capacity savings. You can start with file or block and easily upgrade to unified storage.



Optimized for virtual applications with VMware, Hyper-V integration. You’ll triple speed of virtualized SQL, Oracle workloads and boot up to 500 virtual desktops in 8 minutes.



Self-optimized storage tiering, application-centric replication. With FAST VP and set-it-and-forget-it policies, you’ll optimize data on Flash, SAS, and Near-line SAS drives.



Flash-optimized performance using Flash drives for extendable cache and in the virtual storage pool. You’ll speed mixed workloads three-fold.