How do I install Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition?

How do I install Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition?

A. The installation of Windows NT Terminal Server edition is the same as a normal Windows NT Server installation except during installation you will additional be asked:

  • The number of Terminal Server Desktops – This is the number of Windows Terminal Server clients that will be connected to the Terminal Server at any one time.
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 can be automatically installed at installation time (instead of IE 2.0)

Once installation is complete if IE 4.0 was selected it will be installed and configured and an additional reboot performed.

Due to the method applications need to be installed on Terminal Server (for use with clients) an upgrade of a Windows NT 4.0 server is not supported or advised.

It is also not advised to run backoffice applications on a Terminal Server due to the massive amounts of resources Terminal Server uses for its clients and as such Terminal Server is not part of the Backoffice suite of applications.

You will also notice that Terminal Server is supplied with Service Pack 3 installed, do NOT install a normal version of a service pack on Terminal Server, special service packs will be made available for Terminal Server installations.

Once install is complete you will notice 4 new tools under the Administrative Tools branch of the Programs Start menu

  • Terminal Server Administration
  • Terminal Server Client Creator
  • Terminal Server Connection Configuration
  • Terminal Server License Manager

These will be looked it in detail later in the Terminal Server section. You will also notice User Manager is modified to include a new ‘Config’ button for each user which allows Terminal Server settings to be configured.